Little Peekaboo as we like to call him

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Brent Seabrook and Jonathan Toews celebrating Seabrook’s game-winner in 2013 SCF Game 4 vs. Boston, 6/19/13
Two observations:

1) Is Tazer just skating backwards while Seabs pushes him along?
2) Who is trying to hook them back with their stick??


This is what goes on at the NHLPA rookie showcase.

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You signed this huge deal but you signed it along with Kane, because you  wanted to stay and you wanted to stay and play together. [x]

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Q: When you think of the Blackhawks you think of Toews and Kane, one of the best duos in sports. So, if you were to associate yourselves with a TV duo, which duo would best resemble you guys.

A) Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
B) Chandler & Joey (Friends)
C) Wayne & Garth (Wayne’s World)
D) Zack Morris & Screech (Saved By The Bell)
E) Will & Carlton (Fresh Prince)

Toews: (laughs listening to the options)
I like the last two, but I’ll go with Zack and Screech.

Q: Who’s who?

Toews: (Stares in disbelief) C’mon, you know Kane is Screech for sure. That’s a good one for him, little curly headed rat, y’know. (x)

Screech all up in Zack's personal space from behind while they're dressed the same

And this is the photo TSN chose to use to illustrate that relationship.